I knew this building was called the blockhouse because there was a sign stencilled by the door that said "No Smoking in the Blockhouse." The building had thick concrete walls, and the whole place was buried under a mountain of dirt. Inside, the temperature dropped. It was cool and dark and smelled like electronics. There were acoustic tiles in the ceiling and flourescent lights. All the flourescent tubes were smashed, and my shoes crunched over the broken glass. The place was full of wires; I guess all the wires running throughout the complex were tied into the blockhouse. Big stainless-steel electronics racks stood against the walls, but all the components were missing. To the right of the door were a couple offices. I shined my flashlight into one of them. It was full of rabbit shit.
I walked down from the blockhouse past a sentry post. Just beyond the post was a big building that looked like a barn. That's where they assembled the missiles. Behind the sentry post, there was a little pile of dirt. An earthen berm was all that protected the sentry if one of the missiles accidently blew up. I counted three other missle assembly sites around the complex, but only at one was the assembly building still standing.
A big shed with styrofoam padding on the walls sat at the far end of a long concrete pad. I think this is where they put the missiles together. The shed was on tracks, and the tracks ran the entire length of the pad. Inside, the building was full of cow poo. I guess that's all these super-secret buildings are good for anymore: a toilet for cows and coyotes and bunnies. I wandered around to the far side of the building and pushed on it really hard. It didn't budge.
Off to the side, I found an open hatch that led down into a tunnel. The whole site was like that: all the hatches were unhatched, all the locks were unlocked. It was like someone was trying to prove there was nothing to hide out here. It made me suspicious. The hole went down maybe 15 feet. There used to be some ladder rungs, but they were torn out of the wall. Someone had tied a steel cable to a pole and dropped it in the hole. I decided not to climb down.