In Holbrook, Arizona, there's a mural map that wraps around an entire parking lot. The map follows a stretch of old Rt. 66 through Arizona, highlighting attractions like the Petrified Woods or the Rainbow Forest Museum with all these splashy paintings of dinosaurs and Indians and Mexican guys in sombreros-- all the stuff that honkies from Delaware dream about when they dream about the West.
I was looking for some Petrified Wood Roadside Park when I came across this map behind a Sonic, or maybe it was a Dairy Queen, in Felton, California. The map was peeling and the big You Are Here was fading, which made me wonder what'll happen when it disappears altogether-- then where will we be?
Maybe it was the same trip, or maybe it wasn't. I was heading up the coast to San Luis Obispo, or maybe I'd already been there. I drove through little Guadalupe, California, and I parked my car at the far end of a big gravel parking lots and I crunched over to this map and took a picture. The inset listed the distance of all these towns in California from Guadalupe, as if that was the point of the map: to let you know how far you'd have to go to get the hell away from this place.