In the Fifties, following national retailing trends, Lubbock, Texas began to see shoppingcenters pop up far from downtown. This was the beginning of the end for downtown asthe preeminent retail district-- in a couple decades, all the big downtown department stores would be shuttered up. Monterey Center was one of the first of the strip malls. Located on 50th Street (almost 50 blocks south of downtown), it was anchored by a branch of Hemphill-Wells, Lubbock's answer to Macy's or Bullock's. By the early-80's, Monterey Center was going down the tubes. The Mall was where the action was at, and Monterey Center was an antique. I can just remember the Hemphill-Wells, and the Big Texan Steak House, and I think there was an electronics shop. Everytime I'd come back to town, I'd find another part of the Center had been demolished. All that's left now is a furniture store called W.D. Wilkins, and the old Monterey Center sign.The land's up for sale.