In the big bathroom on the second floor, there were cartoon people, in various poses of exhaustion or anxiety, drawn on the bathroom stalls.  I figured it was just more graffiti, but it turns out the drawings were part of an ad campaign the hotel launched in the 1950's.
I heard a couple ghost stories. Once, one of the guys on the prison work crew was up in the penthouse, sweeping up. The penthouse was where Mr. Baker used to live, and it's pretty nice, with wood beams on the ceiling and a big stone fireplace. Suddenly, a man in a suit walks in the room and tells the convict to get lost. The prisoner knew he was looking at the ghost of Mr. Baker. He decided not to stick around.

Other people have reported seeing the ghost of a bellboy who got sliced in half in a freak elevator accident. A lady I talked to remembered when the accident happened, back in the Fifties. She said the kid was goofing around, and I shouldn't believe the story some people tell, that he was murdered because he saw something he shouldn't have-- gambling or prostitution or something like that. When the ghost bellboy appears, he's only visible from the waist up.
There's also the story of Mr. Baker's mistress, who haunts her room on the 7th floor. Some people claim to smell her perfume. Yeah, yeah, but how about some good old fashioned blood oozing out of the wallpaper or some horrible screams? Finally, we clambered up to the top floor. The Cloud Room is up there. All the big bands played the Cloud Room. Legend has it that Bonnie and Clyde hung out up there. There's even a secret room where a guy with a shotgun was stationed, just in case. Now the wood on the dance floor is warped and curled.