Now that stuff is starting to change, I've finally realized something that I should have realized a long time ago. The city officials and the bankers and the real estate guys didn't leave downtown alone all those years because they saw some value in leaving it alone-- some value in late night bike rides on the old brick streets, or climbing on the roofs of abandoned office buildings and watching the sun rise. They left downtown alone because they saw no value in it. It wasn't worth changing. But it's different now, and all the stuff I thought was irreplacable about downtown turns out to be completely expendable. Like The Famous. It's an old clothing store across from the city bus station, and dates to a whole different downtown. The mannequins in the front windows have been wearing the same clothes for as long as I can remember: dusty tuxedos and sun-bleached dresses that went out of style decades ago. The place is run by old ladies who sell dressy cowboy shirts to Latino guys. Old ladies who are the keepers of some sad, strange secret they'll take with them to the grave.