The factory is totally abandoned except for a business that occupies a small section of one of the buildings. Throughout the day, unmarked trucks pull up to a loading dock. After a while, they drive away again. A couple guys I know shot a horror movie in the factory. One day, they met the owner of the little business. They asked him what he did. "Import/export," he told them. Another time, these same guys were wandering through a remote corner of the factory when they came across a brand-new Jeep parked inside. It was being stripped. The radio and some engine parts were sitting on the floor next to the car. They thought they heard footsteps, so they ran outside onto the street. Next thing they knew, there was a car pulling up alongside them, driving really slow. They looked over just as the driver was taking a hit from a crack pipe. They both had the same thought. "Oh, it's just a crackhead." Later, this would make them laugh: that depending on your circumstances, sometimes it's a relief to run into a crackhead.